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    XXL Magazine + Interview Whilst Kim Was In Jail

    May Issue 2006.

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  4. #lilkim #lil’kim #kimberlyjones

    #lilkim #lil’kim #kimberlyjones

  5. shadesofbianca said: im so glad i found this blog ! i love lil kim , keep up the awesome blog ! xx

    Thanks. I’ll be posting more soon, I’m waiting for that HARDCORE2 mixtape to drop.

  6. Anonymous said: you're blog is seriously everything to me right now, I love it so much! seriously, keep it up! :)

    Thank you.

  7. aqueenintraining said: How tall is my bitch lil Kim ? Does she know you're running this fantastic blog about her ? Are you a female or male ?

    Kim is 4’11” - 5’ even. I don’t think she knows! I do it for her of course, but I’ve been a fan forever so this is like 2nd nature to me. I am a Male!

  8. Anonymous said: Wow.. Im a huge nicki minaj fan, but im slowly drifting over to kim.. and this blog is making me pick up the speed. Love this blog so much :)

    Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Kim is makin’ moves lately so, this blog shall too!

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  13. rtother said: Do you know where I could get an mp3 of that "Pour It Up" remix that you posted. It's the only version I really like.

    sorrry boo, i’ve been looking everywhere. when and if i find it i’ll let you know.

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